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On Monday, January 25th, we lost our dear friend, Christopher Carpenter. With an extroverted carefree way of life, Chris brought together people from all walks. His friends will never forget his zest for life, and his joy in splendor and spectacle.

In honor of our friend's passing, we invite any and all to share with us an evening of remembrance, respect, and most of all, celebration of his life. We will gather at Cal Anderson Park on Saturday at 6pm, February 6th, 2010, dressed in our finest and most outlandish attire. Our gothiest gothic, our raviest rave and our dragiest drag. Chris loved larger than life style and fashion, and we know he would expect nothing less than a fabulous affair in his name.

We shall pay our respects, share our stories, some tears, and perhaps even some laughter. At around 7pm, we will begin a pub crawl at CC Attles, on 15th and Madison, for those interested in sharing a drink, and maybe some more laughter. We shall make our way down the Pike/Pine corridor, and end our walking wake at Rebar.

Please join us in this celebration of our memories and love for our departed friend. All are welcome.

Also, in lieu of flowers or memorial gifts, we'd like people to consider donating to the Capitol Hill Alano Club, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable meeting place for members of the LGBT community in recovery. They can be found on the web at
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