Jesse the Token Homosexual (dragonabsolut) wrote,
Jesse the Token Homosexual

you know the meek are gonna get whats coming to them...

Do you use Grindr? Do you even know what it is? For the uninitiated, its basically a manhunt-esque app for iphone.

I like it. Mostly because of sexy pictures, and its GPS-based, so you can see who's around. But, as with all hookup sites, it never goes anywhere past looking at pictures for me. Whatever, its free and it makes me laugh.

The point is that nobody EVER responds to my profile. Or, for that matter, when I directly message them. Which is fine. I have no expectations. But last week I changed the verbage in my profile to simply recite two song lyrics

"They say the meek shall inherit, you know the book doesn't lie.
Its not a question of merit, its not demand and supply."

Its from Little Shop of Horrors. And in one week, I've had two strangers send me messages purely because they were entertained by my profile. Frankly, I'm surprised! I feel like, for musicals, LSOH is a little bit obscure.

The moral of this story is simple. Musical Theater brings all gays together. YAY
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