Jesse the Token Homosexual (dragonabsolut) wrote,
Jesse the Token Homosexual


I was watching Superman 4, The Quest for Peace(aka the one with Nuclear Man) tonight on Netflix for a lark, and I saw Superman throw a bone(r) on screen!

I had to watch it a couple times, and I was sure. Then I took some screen caps, and then I was CERTAIN! You can totally see where Christopher Reeves(May he rest in AWESOMENESS) gets a chub, and keeps getting harder.

So, here are the pictures!

Come on! tell me that's NOT totally not a screenboner?
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no - reeves was hung - I saw him in jockey pants on horse back.


um - If I wore mine "up" it would look like a boner - that's why it's a "down boy" situation for me.

I love that if you flick from scene to scene or shot to shot you can watch his lovely member shift from up to down right, to down left, to up, etc. It's a giggle and a half.

Reeves makes Toby McGuire look like a boy. LOL.